General regulations: 

  1. The cadets form a national team consisting of six team members. 
  2. The competition consists of six heats, one athlete from each nation per heat. 
  3. The teams total time is summed up. The national team with the lowest total time is the winner. 
  4. The athletes wear their national colour.  
  5. Females get a 15% reduction of time. 
  6. It is mandatory for all participating athletes to carry the rifle at all times during the race.  



The course will contain the following disciplines: paddling, hand grenade throwing, weigh barring and shooting. The disciplines are separated by approx. 400m running. The lane is optional at every discipline.  





Welcome to this 400m track. The start and finish line are at View Point (see picture). We will time the athletes throughout the race. The athletes must, at all time, follow the path. 

When one lap is completed, the athlete will have to run down the stairs to get to the disciplines. When the discipline is completed, they will have to come back to the starting line, by running up the stairs again and start on their next lap. There will be one new lap for every discipline the athletes complete. When the last discipline is completed, there is one last lap that will be decisive.  

The race is in 6 heats, with a short break between them. There might be penalty rounds that will be carried out where you complete the discipline. The weapon/blue-gun on you throughout the whole race. 



In this part of the competition the athletes are going to paddle around a buoy approximately 50 meters out in the ocean and back. First the athletes have to release the boat from a rope by loosen a shackle. The shackle needs to be with the athlete while they are paddling out and back. The shackle will be used to moor the boat to the rope again when the athletes are back. If the athletes drop their shackle, the athletes will have to run a penalty lap: 100m, that’s 2 round of 50 m out on the dock and back. 


Hand grenade throwing: 

Welcome to hand grenade throwing! 

Each athlete receives 6 hand grenades, that they have to throw towards a square of 2x2m. The distance from the athlete to the square is 25 meters for males and 15 meters for females. The grenade must be thrown over the shoulder, and one by one. It is up to the judge to assess whether the throw is approved or not. If not approved, there will be a 100 meters penalty run per unapproved throw.  

A direct hit into the square counts as an approved hit. If none of the 6 grenades are a hit, there will also be given a 100 meters penalty.  


Weigh barring: 

Welcome to the weight bearing dicipline!  

Here the athlete will carry weights while they walk 25 meters. First, 12,5 meters forwards before they turn and come back to start.  

Men will carry one 20kg weight in each hand, while women will carry one 10kg weight in each hand. Also, there are no penalty laps in this dicipline. 



The athletes recieve 7 bullets to target 5 ballons 10 meters from their stands. The shooting position is optional. 50 meters penalty lap is given per blloon remaining after 7 shots. The laps is the same course as the padling.

Map over the NCC route